Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am trying so hard to be patient but waiting for my manuscript to return from being reviewed and edited is driving me crazy! Every motor bike is the mail man, every noise is the courier, every phone call is the possibility they are calling. Well you get the drift! It could become all consuming if I didn't realise that no matter how much I worry, stress or anticipate the outcome it will not change the fact it will get here when it gets here. Now I know how donkey felt on Shrek though "are we there yet? are we there yet?" the most annoying words on the planet for most parents! After many years of practise I have become a slightly more patient person, but like many family members before me I am a doer so I struggle with times of waiting or idleness. Now I could just keep ploughing through the next chapters in the follow up novel to The Gift and yes I am working on it but the distraction of waiting is ever present. Pastor Lynley from our church Nowra City Church spoke so well on this Sunday morning. In a world where everything is so immediate and at our finger tips the idea of waiting for anything from food to a txt response is seen as too hard. I might also add our mentality to things being so easily disposable is also appalling but that's a whole other rant! Well for me right now it is tough bikkies because the only option is to wait so I will try to follow the good teaching from Sunday and work on my patience muscles for a little bit longer; exhaustive school holiday activity will definately help. It's all good training in the end and don't they say "good things come to those who wait" Hopefully that saying included writers! If you want to check out the great sermon on Sunday morning from Pastor Lynley check out the Nowra City Church website, it will definately give you a good laugh too! Have a brilliant patience filled day! Isobial :)

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