Monday, September 12, 2011

Another B E A U TIFUL Day here!

It is such a stunning morning, roll on summer! Like many others I'm sure the fact that the 10th anniversary of September 11 has past without any major incidents thus far is a real relief. Also can't believe it has been that long, seems to have gone so fast and yet the fact that our kids have grown up and we are used to the New York landscape minus the towers must prove how much time has past. Planning a full on writing day today, for all of you budding authors out there isn't it funny how other people assume that writing will just do it's self? I always seem to be explaining that yes I do have work to do just like everyone else LOL. I'm currently finishing up the second chapter in my new novel, the follow up to The Gift, it's almost like going back to visit old friends but with so much action waiting to be put on paper I need to give it some TLC, my head is literally bursting with the following two chapters so time to put the hard yards in front of the computer. I have been accused by those nearest and dearest of leaving people hanging at the end of The Gift so have strict orders to get moving on the second novel, motivation in itself! Have to just make a little plug here too, went to evening service at Nowra City Church last night, seriously rocking worship and if you can check out the seriously talented guitarist, oh to have those mad skills! Very impressed in general was a great night! On that note, have a brilliant day no matter what you do! Isobial :)

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