Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's my grade?

It's going to be one of those crazy weeks in our house and due to this fact I decided to enlist a little munchkin support on the house and yard work. It was so funny though for every job they did they not only wanted praise but some way of telling if they did better than each other or anyone else. It kind of made me think how we as adults can get like this; so achievement based, but I have to wonder what it is that we are trying so hard to achieve. Often it seems to be approval, just like my kids today we want a "good job" an sometimes more than that we want a "your better than". I guess other times our achievement is more about financial reward, a bonus or pay rise that lets us know our boss is impressed with all our efforts. Seldom does just achieving something hold its own reward, unless it is something remarkable that marks us out as special once again gaining other peoples approval. I guess what I wanted to tell my kids was they should feel proud of themselves just for getting it done, they need to feel pride in themselves and their own achievement first not worry about everyone else grading them on the performance. I often laugh when people ask what I do for a living, when I reply writing I often get their story on how they're planning a book one day or have half of one done. It is truly amazing how many would be writers there are out there; when I have asked why they haven't done it or finished it yet the answer is usually time and secondly what others would think of their efforts. See many people think writing a book is a no brainer, easy, simple but writing one that their friends and family will be impressed by well that's a whole other kettle of fish (I would like to say writing a book is jolly hard work!). I think of all the amazing books we'd be missing if their writer's kept them hidden away for fear of a low grade. So I think we should continue to encourage each other to aim for the stars, write if thats what you want or do what it is that grows you without needing a grade from people on your efforts. Think of it this way "we often do things for the feedback of people we don't like, to achieve things we don't care about, for a purpose that was never ours, ending in an emotional slump that could have been avoided by choosing to value our own efforts and decisions in the first place" So have a fabulous week and just enjoy being you! Much Love Isobial xxoo

Monday, April 9, 2012

An Uncertain Future...

Ok yes I have been very slack with updating the blog recently but the title of this one should give you a hint as to why. Now it isn't that anything dramatic has happened to us personally; we've had our fair share though ver the years blieve me! But it's more those around us and it seems to have been a very common theme in the stuff I've been reading. There seem to be lots of people we are coming into contact with who have ended up in a future they would never have picked for themselves, be it a major devastating event in their lives, a loss of work or a change in relationship they are all facing an uncertain future. A future that they had not seen for themselves prior to that day. My question is though aren't we all facing a uncertain future in some ways? No matter how much we plan, save and think that we have everything worked out life happens and sometime when it does the plan goes out the window and the future changes. I've been reading my daughters Hunger Game novels prior to her reading them over the last few weeks and it is clear in the plot of this story that good intentions and decisions can often effect the final outcome of your future, but not change it; no matter how well intended, a good reminder to our younger ones on decision making. I did really enjoy the books though so if your looking for a good book, head that way. Back to my main point though what to do with this idea of an uncertain future. Often we waste precious time fighting it or worse blocking it out like it's not happening; I get that. It's an emotional response to something we find too difficult to accept, but basically it is pointless. Once we are on that new path, its time to get moving. I guess for me it's the basic certainties that have enabled me to work through the abrupt changes to where we were going and what we had planned. Our faith, the love of our family and good friends we trust were amazing strength builders. With these things in place it was hard to stay sad and down for too long. I also realised blocking everything out mean't that I'd miss the good stuff not just the bad, that's not living is it? not really. The other book I have been reading is Courageous Living by Michael Catt, he devotes a whole chapter to this topic in his book, it made me cry actually. I was blubbering away not realising the people sitting around me were noticing until halfway through the chapter. I just held the book up and said "really sad story" a few people nodded, most just went back to what they were doing but thus is the power of written re-count! As I've been writing this my husband has just this minute walked through to tell me one of his clients was killed yesterday with his wife in a plane crash, a horrible but close to home reminder of what I am saying. As it is Easter I would like to just finish by saying that although our future here on this earth can be very uncertain please make sure you have an eternal certainty; Jesus Christ died for every single one of us and his only request was that we believe in him to accept his gift of eternal life. I guess really then if we do accept this gift that was so amazingly given by Jesus at Easter my title should really be changed because as believers what we have is a very certain future! Much Love to you all this Easter Isobial xxoo