Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I could apologise...but

I could apologise and I probably should for it being so long since my last post but that would just be pointless instead I will just say it has been a very exciting and interestingly crazy past few months. I have been writing and plotting the next few chapters in the follow up book to The Gift, also working on something completely different for a new short story series and learning the in's and outs of publishing to Kindle. I still find it amazing how characters can become like real people in a way so their stories evolve in your head as you day dream, plot and discuss with sympathetic family members! My poor husband, he is so patient. On top of this there have been lots of visits from over the ditch and some new additions to Peace Haven, twin and triplet lambs, plus plenty of calves! It is a busy season this time of year. As with many writers I have also had to fit some paying work time in so that has messed with the schedule a bit, not to mention it being strange being back in the real world! I must say though reality can provide some interesting writing fodder. I hope you are all well and enjoying the build up to the Christmas season, it is such a gorgeous time of year. Keep an eye on the blog as I update it coming up to Christmas, there is some good things coming! Isobial XXOO

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catch Up

It's been a while and although I have missed updating my blog the various adventures I have been partaking in have been well worth the short absence. Firstly the conclusion of a very sucessful Imagine Day, I am so proud of the whole team it was an awesome day and the funds raised will have such a global impact both now and into the future. Secondly our short notice but fantastic trip home to New Zealand. Not only were we able to greet the newest member of our whanua but we had the lovliest break in Auckland and the Bay of Islands. The new blog picture is of "Peace Haven" the family farm and the place I feel most grounded. It was such a pleasure to be back and enjoy the peace, the fresh air and the sense of home I always feel when we are there. Peace Haven is a very special place for us as a family and I am yet to find any where in my travels that has the same affect on me. The Bay of Islands it's self is stunning and I will definately update the photo file on the blog for you all, our daughter took some amazing shots while we were there which I'm sure many of you will appreciate. So back to the reality of life I have been interviewing people for some of the more detailed chapters in the second book, writing a crazy amount of notes and new characters!It is almost a guilty pleasure to sit writing with my new elephant teapot and chocolate mint tea, but I'm sure I'll cope! Of course there is also the reality of new events coming that need my attention, school activities for the kids and sports in the freezing cold. Life is never boring! On that note we had an interesting situation last week concerning buses. I have heard plenty of stories about kids in the bigger cities needing guards on buses to prevent dangerous behaviour occuring. Well I thought that was a bit over the top until my sweet little year 6 comes home with the story of a year 3 boy marching up to one of the year 6 bus monitors, a very slight young girl and demanding she give him her seat. To which she replied politely no as the teachers and bus company require them to seat in that position. Well unhappy with this he flings his bag at the other monitor and slaps the young girl, then punches her twice in the face before anyone has a chance to stop him. Now this is not normal behaviour at all for a year 3 and most certainly there has to be other issues going on in this childs life BUT at this age to react that way to an older girl for that reason I guess I wonder where exactly this child is headed? The point I guess of what I'm saying is we are all blissfully ignorant of what can occur until it's shoved in our faces, it's the human "it will never happen to me" mentality but as writers it is often our job to describe the "what could could happen" and think beyond the line of what we have seen or experienced into the world of possiblities; scary but life is scary. Incase your wondering my daughter was the other monitor who had the bag thrown in her face and the outcome was the boy losing his right to ride the bus for one day and two weeks of school detention. I ask again I wonder where this child is headed? Stay warm and safe where ever you are! Isobial XxOo

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Puppet Masters

If you have ever wondered who controls the global economy check this very scary picture out! Totally crazy when you think only 10 major organisations have such a global monopoly. No wonder so many of us are shifting to buying local, growing our own and steering clear of the super markets. I personally have nothing against the super markets or these companies but I want to know where my food comes from, what's in it and I want to not have prices manipulated because the players are so few. Have a good look you maybe shocked! Enjoy your week, Isobial :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nowra City Church Imagine Day Protest

This is going to be an awesome day yet again this year but most importantly the causes that the funds go to are so important! If you haven't already checked out the Imagine Day Protest on Face book or Nowra City Churches site have a look it is an amazing thing to be part of! As I'm co-ordinating part of it I will have plenty of post event stories and pic's I'm sure! We are also doing the 300 challenge for the month of May leading up to the day, the 300 challenge is something I picked up from Cheapskates Club, $300 grocery budget for a month. It's going to be full on and busy but well worth it when you see what changes our little efforts can make in other peoples lives! Great thing to do with your kids too, they learn it's not all about them and that they are much better off than they thought when they see who were are supporting. Our kids were horrified when we told them some families don't have toilets...for some this is not the worst issue but unimaginable for our kids. Hope you can check it out. Isobial :)
Update: Nowra City Church raised just over $166,000 AUS to help the various organisations listed in our "protest" manifesto, a huge thanks to all the great volunteers and donors; it was a truely spectacular day. Isobial XxxOoo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's my grade?

It's going to be one of those crazy weeks in our house and due to this fact I decided to enlist a little munchkin support on the house and yard work. It was so funny though for every job they did they not only wanted praise but some way of telling if they did better than each other or anyone else. It kind of made me think how we as adults can get like this; so achievement based, but I have to wonder what it is that we are trying so hard to achieve. Often it seems to be approval, just like my kids today we want a "good job" an sometimes more than that we want a "your better than". I guess other times our achievement is more about financial reward, a bonus or pay rise that lets us know our boss is impressed with all our efforts. Seldom does just achieving something hold its own reward, unless it is something remarkable that marks us out as special once again gaining other peoples approval. I guess what I wanted to tell my kids was they should feel proud of themselves just for getting it done, they need to feel pride in themselves and their own achievement first not worry about everyone else grading them on the performance. I often laugh when people ask what I do for a living, when I reply writing I often get their story on how they're planning a book one day or have half of one done. It is truly amazing how many would be writers there are out there; when I have asked why they haven't done it or finished it yet the answer is usually time and secondly what others would think of their efforts. See many people think writing a book is a no brainer, easy, simple but writing one that their friends and family will be impressed by well that's a whole other kettle of fish (I would like to say writing a book is jolly hard work!). I think of all the amazing books we'd be missing if their writer's kept them hidden away for fear of a low grade. So I think we should continue to encourage each other to aim for the stars, write if thats what you want or do what it is that grows you without needing a grade from people on your efforts. Think of it this way "we often do things for the feedback of people we don't like, to achieve things we don't care about, for a purpose that was never ours, ending in an emotional slump that could have been avoided by choosing to value our own efforts and decisions in the first place" So have a fabulous week and just enjoy being you! Much Love Isobial xxoo