Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's my grade?

It's going to be one of those crazy weeks in our house and due to this fact I decided to enlist a little munchkin support on the house and yard work. It was so funny though for every job they did they not only wanted praise but some way of telling if they did better than each other or anyone else. It kind of made me think how we as adults can get like this; so achievement based, but I have to wonder what it is that we are trying so hard to achieve. Often it seems to be approval, just like my kids today we want a "good job" an sometimes more than that we want a "your better than". I guess other times our achievement is more about financial reward, a bonus or pay rise that lets us know our boss is impressed with all our efforts. Seldom does just achieving something hold its own reward, unless it is something remarkable that marks us out as special once again gaining other peoples approval. I guess what I wanted to tell my kids was they should feel proud of themselves just for getting it done, they need to feel pride in themselves and their own achievement first not worry about everyone else grading them on the performance. I often laugh when people ask what I do for a living, when I reply writing I often get their story on how they're planning a book one day or have half of one done. It is truly amazing how many would be writers there are out there; when I have asked why they haven't done it or finished it yet the answer is usually time and secondly what others would think of their efforts. See many people think writing a book is a no brainer, easy, simple but writing one that their friends and family will be impressed by well that's a whole other kettle of fish (I would like to say writing a book is jolly hard work!). I think of all the amazing books we'd be missing if their writer's kept them hidden away for fear of a low grade. So I think we should continue to encourage each other to aim for the stars, write if thats what you want or do what it is that grows you without needing a grade from people on your efforts. Think of it this way "we often do things for the feedback of people we don't like, to achieve things we don't care about, for a purpose that was never ours, ending in an emotional slump that could have been avoided by choosing to value our own efforts and decisions in the first place" So have a fabulous week and just enjoy being you! Much Love Isobial xxoo

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