The Gift Book One of the Guardian Series By Isobial L Jackson The Gift is the first book in a series of three which starts with the reader’s introduction to Kate. Kate is a 14 year New Zealand girl whose sister recently died under suspicious circumstances leaving her family engulfed in turmoil. A socially awkward teen who detests attention especially from the opposite sex, Kate tends to prefer hiding in the back ground as she deals with the death of her sister and the expectations of two very highly strung parents. But unbeknown to Kate her Father has plans to shift the entire family to the outer limits of Peru in an effort to bring some stability back into their lives. With their departure imminent Kate’s usually horrific nightmares subside and she sets off on a beyond belief adventure with the young man of her dreams, literally. Peru offers a new start and a new mystery, Michael. He has a secret Kate is determined to crack. In doing so an getting closer to him than anyone before he may gain the power to break her. Kate is not sure it’s a risk she’s willing to take until she see’s his mind blowing connections. Convinced God is fiction and religion is just for the brain washed Kate is quickly drawn into a spiritual battle for her own soul and the beginning of terrifying answers to her sister’s death. With guardians of both the natural and supernatural Kate quickly reaches a point where must choose her allegiance. Trust in her new friends and a God she thought had forsaken her or side with those dark ones who promise the answers she needs to set her sisters death aside, finally. This is the beginning of the journey that will take Kate places she never believed possible and show her the gift that will make or break her.

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