Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am trying so hard to be patient but waiting for my manuscript to return from being reviewed and edited is driving me crazy! Every motor bike is the mail man, every noise is the courier, every phone call is the possibility they are calling. Well you get the drift! It could become all consuming if I didn't realise that no matter how much I worry, stress or anticipate the outcome it will not change the fact it will get here when it gets here. Now I know how donkey felt on Shrek though "are we there yet? are we there yet?" the most annoying words on the planet for most parents! After many years of practise I have become a slightly more patient person, but like many family members before me I am a doer so I struggle with times of waiting or idleness. Now I could just keep ploughing through the next chapters in the follow up novel to The Gift and yes I am working on it but the distraction of waiting is ever present. Pastor Lynley from our church Nowra City Church spoke so well on this Sunday morning. In a world where everything is so immediate and at our finger tips the idea of waiting for anything from food to a txt response is seen as too hard. I might also add our mentality to things being so easily disposable is also appalling but that's a whole other rant! Well for me right now it is tough bikkies because the only option is to wait so I will try to follow the good teaching from Sunday and work on my patience muscles for a little bit longer; exhaustive school holiday activity will definately help. It's all good training in the end and don't they say "good things come to those who wait" Hopefully that saying included writers! If you want to check out the great sermon on Sunday morning from Pastor Lynley check out the Nowra City Church website, it will definately give you a good laugh too! Have a brilliant patience filled day! Isobial :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technology...can't live with it or without it?

Love it or hate it we live in the technological age, almost everyone you know will have a cellphone, ipad, note book, net book, ipod etc. They will spend countless hours updating their facebook, blog, twitter posts and sending sms's. Of course I am no exception, infact I am probably worse as I spend so much time on my computer writing! I did have a funny moment today though with one of my gadget's which made me stop and think: "what if people worked the same as our techno toy's?" I was trying very hard to check something on twitter and the page wouldn't load up properly but at the bottom of the page it kept saying done; it was not done actually, nothing came up just a totally blank page. But what if we worked that way? What if I had all the best of intentions to do something, tried but didn't quiet get there and just said "done" or did nothing at all. What if everyone we knew did that? How would our society cope, what would we miss out on or how much chaos would suddenly take over? Or our cellphones, what if we were suddenly out of range or network too busy? How would the people around us cope with the lack of contact; for that matter how would we? Just an interesting concept to ponder, could even make a good book plot, feel free to borrow it and let me know so I can check it out. I do love most of my gadget's really....but some days I do think they have a personality and a particularly vindictive side. On that note if you are not too over the computer and you are trying to write, remember to check out the great programmes you can use to help. I will be loading a few of the more popular choices shortly. The fact that most of these also have trial options on the net is an awesome bonus and time saver too. What ever technology you are using today I hope it is kind to you all, have a fantastic day! Isobial :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Courageous - In Theaters September 30

Courageous - In Theaters September 30 The last movie Fire Proof was fantastic, so I can't wait for this one! If you haven't seen the movies these guys make you are seriously missing something special! Check out the preview! Isobial :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

You thought the hard part was done?

When ever I talk to people about what I do there's a lttle pause where you can almost hear them thinking "really" as in well sitting around writing's not that hard. Actually it is, no matter how much you enjoy doing it there is a lot of mind numbing hard work that goes into every finished page. Depending on the topic you can spend months researching and formulating just one chapter. Add the extra demands of life into the mix and what seemed like a fairly simple prospect now looks like the impossible, but if you hang in there the overwhelming sense of achievement you feel when you hold that completed manuscript in your hands makes it all worthwhile! At present we are experiencing the joy of gettting published; this is a real whirlwind of fast learning! The options are numerous and daunting but life is mean't to be an adventure isn't it? We will keep updating the blog on how that's going and of course providing as much info as possible to others; who knows what other amazing books are out there just waiting to be shared with us! Keep an eye out for blog updates as we will list some of the self publishing options, writing competitions and publishing houses shortly. To completely change topic for just a second before I go, congrat's to The Warriors and All Blacks fantastic job yesterday...very proud to be Kiwi over here! Have a great yes it's still sunny here! Isobial :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Writing and Music

Good morning wonderful people, yes I will make you jealous by saying it is another fabulous day here; word is we are expecting 27-31C over the weekend...Yeah Baby! Have to add here "Go The All Blacks!" I thought I would talk a little in this post about how music can impact us as we are writing or life in general. I know for myself I need noise, the only time our home is quiet is when we are all out to it! When I'm writing though music is always playing, at first I didn't quite grasp the importance of this but as I progressed the type of chapters I was working on dictated what was pumping out of the speakers. It is much easier to write about teen angst if you have someone screaming at you in the back ground LOL ! Looking into this a touch more I found that many writers use music to set the tone of their work, probably the most famous for this would be Stephanie Meyer of Twilight fame, she is quite open about her constant stream of back ground music; luckily for the artist's most of them get a mention too! Obviously our subconcious picks up on what we are listening to and reflects that in our mood,behaviour and for some of us our writing. On top of this many songs hold significant memories for us i.e at present Eric Clapton is on the radio right now "tears in heaven" I think this is a beautiful song but I detest listening to it as it was released just before my grandmothers death and played at her funeral thus it makes me feel miserable and annoyed. Note to self change station next time! My point is what ever you are doing music is a very powerful tool so don't be afraid to use it to help you along, in your writing or just life in general! Test out the theory an have a brilliant day! Isobial :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Another B E A U TIFUL Day here!

It is such a stunning morning, roll on summer! Like many others I'm sure the fact that the 10th anniversary of September 11 has past without any major incidents thus far is a real relief. Also can't believe it has been that long, seems to have gone so fast and yet the fact that our kids have grown up and we are used to the New York landscape minus the towers must prove how much time has past. Planning a full on writing day today, for all of you budding authors out there isn't it funny how other people assume that writing will just do it's self? I always seem to be explaining that yes I do have work to do just like everyone else LOL. I'm currently finishing up the second chapter in my new novel, the follow up to The Gift, it's almost like going back to visit old friends but with so much action waiting to be put on paper I need to give it some TLC, my head is literally bursting with the following two chapters so time to put the hard yards in front of the computer. I have been accused by those nearest and dearest of leaving people hanging at the end of The Gift so have strict orders to get moving on the second novel, motivation in itself! Have to just make a little plug here too, went to evening service at Nowra City Church last night, seriously rocking worship and if you can check out the seriously talented guitarist, oh to have those mad skills! Very impressed in general was a great night! On that note, have a brilliant day no matter what you do! Isobial :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The beginning of another beautiful day!

Well it's the beginning of another beautiful day and the coffee cup is full so life is good. As you can see the first chapter of the gift is loaded as a sneak peak on page two, we are still working on the page/blog in general but I really wanted to get something from the book loaded so excuse the in progress state of the rest of the second page, this is a learning curve for all concerned!
Updates to be loaded up soon: synopsis of the novel,books we are loving at the moment,some new pics and heaps more!

Have a fabulous day!

Isobial :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hi and welcome!
I hope you enjoy visiting this site as we continue to add snippits of the soon to be released novel "The Gift" Notes on how to start writing your first book from someone who's just done it and we may even tempt you to join in discussions on writing,Christianity,coffee obsession basically life in general!

Bless you!
Isobial :)