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As promised I have started re-visiting many of my notes in the hope that some of what I learned in this process will help others! To kick off that process I have checked back over the many editing tools I tried out or investigated. Now usually 2-4 chapters in you start to get a bit antsy and want some type of input in response to what's been put on the paper. Some people may be happy just to throw those few chapters around friends and family but for some of us it is the point where we want to get more of a professional review; hopefully ensuring we are on the right track with our book. The following are a few I tried or looked at, I spent hours investigating and reading reviews so hopefully my thoughts and experience will be helpful to many of you. My absolute hands down favourite was Autocrit Wizard, this is an online editing tool which you can try before you buy. It is fast,simple and well priced for what you get. There were others of a comparitaive nature, Style Writer and White smoke. These were also very good but were more expensive and had many extra's which depending on your preference you may or not use, personally I was very happy with Autocrit Wizard. I did check out the shops for editing programmes which could be loaded onto my computer. I found a large difference in price, capabilities and memory. In the end I decided it wasn't worth buying one as it would use too much space on the computer and unlike the online versions I would have to buy updates as they made better versions. At the end of the day it is personal preference, what I've listed is what worked for me but everyone has their own take on things. What ever you use just make sure it is secure and no risk to your computer or your work, there are plenty of nasties out there! Have fun and enjoy the process! Isobial :)

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