Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technology...can't live with it or without it?

Love it or hate it we live in the technological age, almost everyone you know will have a cellphone, ipad, note book, net book, ipod etc. They will spend countless hours updating their facebook, blog, twitter posts and sending sms's. Of course I am no exception, infact I am probably worse as I spend so much time on my computer writing! I did have a funny moment today though with one of my gadget's which made me stop and think: "what if people worked the same as our techno toy's?" I was trying very hard to check something on twitter and the page wouldn't load up properly but at the bottom of the page it kept saying done; it was not done actually, nothing came up just a totally blank page. But what if we worked that way? What if I had all the best of intentions to do something, tried but didn't quiet get there and just said "done" or did nothing at all. What if everyone we knew did that? How would our society cope, what would we miss out on or how much chaos would suddenly take over? Or our cellphones, what if we were suddenly out of range or network too busy? How would the people around us cope with the lack of contact; for that matter how would we? Just an interesting concept to ponder, could even make a good book plot, feel free to borrow it and let me know so I can check it out. I do love most of my gadget's really....but some days I do think they have a personality and a particularly vindictive side. On that note if you are not too over the computer and you are trying to write, remember to check out the great programmes you can use to help. I will be loading a few of the more popular choices shortly. The fact that most of these also have trial options on the net is an awesome bonus and time saver too. What ever technology you are using today I hope it is kind to you all, have a fantastic day! Isobial :)

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