Thursday, September 15, 2011

Writing and Music

Good morning wonderful people, yes I will make you jealous by saying it is another fabulous day here; word is we are expecting 27-31C over the weekend...Yeah Baby! Have to add here "Go The All Blacks!" I thought I would talk a little in this post about how music can impact us as we are writing or life in general. I know for myself I need noise, the only time our home is quiet is when we are all out to it! When I'm writing though music is always playing, at first I didn't quite grasp the importance of this but as I progressed the type of chapters I was working on dictated what was pumping out of the speakers. It is much easier to write about teen angst if you have someone screaming at you in the back ground LOL ! Looking into this a touch more I found that many writers use music to set the tone of their work, probably the most famous for this would be Stephanie Meyer of Twilight fame, she is quite open about her constant stream of back ground music; luckily for the artist's most of them get a mention too! Obviously our subconcious picks up on what we are listening to and reflects that in our mood,behaviour and for some of us our writing. On top of this many songs hold significant memories for us i.e at present Eric Clapton is on the radio right now "tears in heaven" I think this is a beautiful song but I detest listening to it as it was released just before my grandmothers death and played at her funeral thus it makes me feel miserable and annoyed. Note to self change station next time! My point is what ever you are doing music is a very powerful tool so don't be afraid to use it to help you along, in your writing or just life in general! Test out the theory an have a brilliant day! Isobial :)

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