Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nowra City Church Imagine Day Protest

This is going to be an awesome day yet again this year but most importantly the causes that the funds go to are so important! If you haven't already checked out the Imagine Day Protest on Face book or Nowra City Churches site have a look it is an amazing thing to be part of! As I'm co-ordinating part of it I will have plenty of post event stories and pic's I'm sure! We are also doing the 300 challenge for the month of May leading up to the day, the 300 challenge is something I picked up from Cheapskates Club, $300 grocery budget for a month. It's going to be full on and busy but well worth it when you see what changes our little efforts can make in other peoples lives! Great thing to do with your kids too, they learn it's not all about them and that they are much better off than they thought when they see who were are supporting. Our kids were horrified when we told them some families don't have toilets...for some this is not the worst issue but unimaginable for our kids. Hope you can check it out. Isobial :)
Update: Nowra City Church raised just over $166,000 AUS to help the various organisations listed in our "protest" manifesto, a huge thanks to all the great volunteers and donors; it was a truely spectacular day. Isobial XxxOoo

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