Monday, February 20, 2012

Reasons why I love my dogs...

From the minute we decided to move to Australia there was no doubt in our minds that our animals would be coming with us, they are part of our family and for us we would not felt like it was home without them. Sometimes though they do make you wonder! Well after a particularly bad thunder and lightening storm last night I am sitting down to reflect on two of my most constant campanions; our dogs. It is very true that there are cat and dog people we have both but I have to say the cats although I love them have a very distinct way of letting you know that they control the relationship not you! Like my daughters one peeing in my mothers hand bag as a farewell present! The dogs however wait on your every move, look and sometimes noise, they are always at the door waiting when you get up to go outside, flopped at my feet when I'm writing and generally as close as is possible if there is any crumb of food around. But I digress. Last night we had a particularly nasty storm and although safely tucked away in their run and bundled up in toasty kennels our smaller dog (as in medium sized no handbag editions here) Jenna who hates anything like loud noises or lightening decides she will start her routine of neurotic bad weather behaviour. First comes the trying to squeeze out through the walls of the run, luckily it's covered. Next is the trainee yoddler crossed with very bad opera singer. This can last for hours, oh the neighbours must love us! So we put the outside radio on to mask her noise and of course to calm her according to my vet investigations. Well no it doesn't so next stage of the process the dig and chew, she digs a little the attacks the kennel with her teeth and claws hoping to use up all that adrenaline. At this point we give her and her calmer friend in the kennel next door a lovely chewy so the kennel and floor stay in one piece. We are hoping beyond all else that the chewy, the fact that the storm has now moved on and the sudden quiet means that all is well. But that would be too easy wouldn't it? So we check them before bed and all is good but come morning what is this Jenna has gone? Well actually no; after leading us into a false sense of security she decides to try a prision break and digs a small trench under her side of the wall, jigglin and wigglin along until she was trenched and wedged under her kennel mates pallet which then has a kennel on top. So when we have a good look in the run an we realise she is still in there some how as she is making a small noise. Then we have to begin the rescue mission of pulling everything out so we can release this deranged animal who got herself into this mess. Needless to say we were unimpressed at 6:30am, Nahla our other dog was super non-impressed as she had obviously put up with Jen under her kennel all night. So did we get the thank you of all time for our efforts to rescue her? No she ran straight to the grass for a toilet stop and back into her kennel to have a go at her untouched chewy! Now I may sound like I'm being particulary uncaring but as this dog does crazy things like this on a regular basis and is completely unharmed bar a little mud I am merely sharing the joy of my delightful pets! Now after all that drama they are conked out sleeping, being watched suspiciously by the cats and I'm sure dreaming of more chewy treats and digging tunnels; you've got to love them don't you? Isobial :)

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