Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to it!

It's kind of hard to come back down to earth after having so much fun running a big event but just like everyone else who helped I now have to get my head back into work mode. Not that it won't be fun, I've had characters and scene's running through my head non-stop over the last few weeks, they will definately be making it onto paper shortly. Not to mention the fact I left Kate in a rather precarious position in the third chapter of the next book! Letting go of all that adrenalin and excitement isn't easy, it is a huge buzz making people happy; luckily for me writing is a huge buzz too and with those who have read the whole of The Gift getting ansty to know what has happened to Kate I do need to get busy! Like most parents with school back in for the year and summer holidays all done it is time to get back to the schedule of work and home life. So over the next few weeks I hope to be writing up a storm, doing lots of blog additions and some hard out investigating! If you have read the first chapter of The Gift, firstly thanks I hope you enjoyed it and secondly you will know that part of the book is based in Auckland New Zealand and the other location is Chachapoya's in Peru so due to the interesting locations I thought it maybe fun to post some of the gorgeous location pictures and information I have used during the writing process. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed hunting them out! Also keep an eye out for other pic's in the gallery page there will be some nice additions from the 26th soon. Enjoy your week! Isobial :)

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