Thursday, February 16, 2012

Precious Time..

I was watching the news yesterday an they showed this horrid story on drivers in Australia behaving badly; now I'm sure this is not just an Australian thing but it was scary and shocking watching a usually reasonable 40 something year old reach through a car window whilst ranting and belted a very old man repeatedly. The journalists carried on saying they had questioned many drivers and some huge percentage claimed they were more likely now than ever before to get angry whilst driving and they felt the drivers around them were increasingly agressive. I guess we have all got used to hearing and seeing road rage but the part which intrigued me was the shrink at the end claiming this build up of agression was due to our lives becoming more busy than ever; as he see's it the latent anger is a direct result of the frustration we feel at loosing time in our lives. Well that is rather interesting isn't? We are all so busy an stressed that we've become horrid people who get angry at the slightest provication and belt other drivers? Well not quite that bad but you do get what he's saying; or at least I do. We are in such a rush all the time with work, social obligations and family requirements that the lack of personal time and stress just builds into a cresendo of frustration that when pushed to the limit causes us to lash out. Now I'm not saying it's ok or that all of us are going to lash out like deranged animals whilst driving but what I am asking is how do we get to this point? How do we reach the point where we feel that way when we are often the ones who take these things on. Why do we cram our lives so full of doing that we get to this point? Well once again it's time isn't it? Like never before our society seems to be obsessed with the now, do it before it's too late, experience it, try it, buy it! I can honestly say I have fallen for the whole routine of more often than not and yes it does build up a sense of frustration especially when I feel that I can't do what I want including rest because I have to do other things for other people. I guess the only real solution to the problem is for us all to get smarter, to make sure we set me time aside and that we prioritise what we must do and choose some not all of the stuff that we can do; because lets be honest for those of us with kids they are watching and experiencing this crazy routine of cronic business and how will they ever learn that life doen't have to be that way if we don't role model it? Not to mention the fact I'm sure they and others would appreciate us being calmer, saner, more pleasent people in the long run. I for one would much rather enjoy the time I do have rather than being so frustrated that I can't enjoy a thing; Bon Jovi has this great line in one of their songs "Live while I'm alive, sleep when I'm dead" Well in theory that's a cute slogan but as I don't plan on dying anytime soon and I like many others would not be able to think, write or converse without sleep I think I'll aim for more of a life balance and enjoy the things I have and choose to do it with the people I care about. I'm quite happy to sleep some of the time while I'm alive because not doubt God will keep me busy when I'm dead! Have a fabulous week everyone! Isobial :)

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