Monday, December 5, 2011


Yes I am one of those crazy people that absolutely LOVE Christmas! An the count down is on in our house. It's genetic so I can honestly say I had no choice in the matter, but who cares when it is such a cool time of year! I have to admit the last few weeks my writing has struggled to compete with the growing excitement of decorating the tree and covering my house in tinsel and lights! I love everything about Christmas, the shopping, the decorating, the cooking and especially the holidays! This year we will be going home in the very true sense of the word and the whole house is buzzing with four very excited Kiwi's! I know a lot of people spout stuff about Christmas being just about presents and spending money and yeah I get that some people look at it that way but in my family we have always done the most amazing family things at Christmas; often travelling oversea's to visit rellies or spending the day as a family doing stuff we all enjoyed so for me the presents are just a nice side issue. My other favorite memories have always come from spending Christmas in church, now people can spout all they want at me about Christians taking over Christmas but HELLO get a clue people the whole reason for Christmas is the celebration of Jesus being know the ultimate gift! If you have that part confused get yourselves a Bible, check out the New testament it's pretty basic stuff! I can't tell you how awesome it is to watch little kids perform the story or standing in candle light singing the carols, absolutely love it! This year heading back over the ditch to our nearest and dearest will be the best present we could ask for; but our absolute best present ever is knowing God loved us enough to send his son as a tiny baby, watch him grow and eventually let him make the ultimate sacrifice on the cross instead of us just so he could take our sin away and we, if we believe in him could have eternal life! Big WOW! Now no one can argue that's the most amazing gift we could ever receive so why shouldn't Christmas be my favorite time of the year? It's the beginning of the most important story mankind has ever heard. Not fiction either, a true story written down by those closest to him and accounted in many other historical texts thus it has continued to be told and read for so long. I hope where ever you are and what ever you do to celebrate, the real reason for Christmas celebrations doesn't slip past you this year! God Bless! Isobial xxoo

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