Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Validation challenge

Well if you watched at least some of the clip below you will have an idea of what I'm going on about. I have been trying whilst we are out and about to validate people we are coming into contact with. Now I'm not as good as the guy on the clip but I have found some interesting reactions can occur from doing this. It really is funny watching peoples expressions change and their self esteem takes a good boost from something that is almost effortless on our parts. I guess the trick is to be truthful, find something you really do think is positive don't just put it on! The other weird thing I've found is ever since I started this experiement people keep giving me free stuff, not a bad thing but interesting development, will keep you all posted. Other things I'm working on whilst enjoying my lovely holidays over here are the usual, pre-new years resolutions. I'd love to hear if anyone has some interesting one's, my are way boring as usual. Other than that,I have just secured three new books to read whilst away so looking forward to heading up to the Bay of Islands tomorrow for some beach time and chillaxin. Hope you're all gearing up for the big day and starting to hit holiday mode, not long now...... God Bless Isobial xxoo

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