Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kony 2012

If you haven't already seen this movie or heard of this I have no idea under what rock you have been hiding. I have watched this before and have known about Ugandas orphans since I first saw the Watoto Children's choir back in 2007 but watching this movie with the hubby and a big group just made me even more determined to list this on my blog for others to discover. What ever you personally think of the organisationwho are running it or what you have heard good or bad about it the thing is they are achieving their mandate of making Joseph Kony famous in an effort to stop his unrelenting abuse of children in Uganda and now other African nations. Konys 26 years of terror in Uganda which included the rape,abduction,mutilation and brainwashing of over 30,000 children turning them into sex slaves or child soldiers must be brought to the world stage to insure not only his capture and trial for war crimes against humanity but also it must be done to prove that in this generation of massive digital media no one can again rise to this level of power and destruction without the people of the world standing up for those who can't and saying No we will not let our governments ignore this. For some of you this clip will be amazingly moving, for others it will make you frustrated and for some it will mean absolutly nothing but at the end of the day if you pass it on that is the main thing. So please watch this following clip if you can or have a look yourself on Youtube, check out Watoto too, because they are also doing amazing things on the ground floor so to speak with the millions of orphans that now exist because of this evil man. Isobial

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