Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bend over an kiss your butt goodbye.....

Well after a fabulous holiday in New Zealand we jumped on an early flight back home to Aussie and from that point on it all went pear shaped. Our late night packing mean't we had missed the toy gun in our son's carry on so immediate confiscation ensued. Then we had to run to get on the flight as it had taken sooooo long to get through. We had to weigh all carry on again for no apparent reason, I got the lovely pat and wand treatment etc so lots of airport fun! Then we were treated to a flight of horror movie capabilities, turbulance the entire way, cold food and disembarking on the tarmac via stairs onto a bus. So white as a sheet from holding off hurling we enter the airport only to find it packed, luggage missing as it was put on the wrong flight and lots of tired grumpy passengers. The only sunshine in the entire experience was exiting two and a half hours later to a much loved family member who was sweet enough to drive us home. Over that flight though I had plenty of time for praying we wouldn't crash and trying to think of distractions which would keep me from hurling all over the poor people infront. One of the things that worked really well was thinking of the kids movie Madagascar 2, where the penguin's instruct everyone during the crash landing in Africa to bend over and kiss their butt's goodbye. It worked really well, kept me chuckling and wondering if it was at all physically possible? Maybe if started pilates or something? Anyway home gain and settling in to routine once more. The two hour time difference has caused a little issue with our body clocks waking us up early wanting food at random times and bed so early we feel like old people but I'm sure it will sort it's self out soon enough. I guess the benefits of all these lovely experiences is the ability to tuck them away into the writers closet so to speak, I have a fabulous vocab now for near death plane rides, holidays filled with continuous rain and crazy body clock antic's; I'll just have to find a story line to match! Hope all your holidays were filled with adventures too. Isobial xxoo

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